This website is a portal for running events and activities organised by Chris Cox.
Principally the Avalanche Peak Challenge, Bell Hill Challenge, Christchurch Marathon and Goat Pass Guided runs.


Avalanche Peak

It is with great regret that we are dis-continuing the Avalanche Peak Challenge.

The Avalanche Peak Challenge mountain run was established in Arthurs Pass over 25 years ago by myself and a group of bach-holders in the Arthurs Pass Village. It started with a small entry of 120 and over the following 10 years, grew to 400 entries.

Since the mid-2000's, however, entries have gradually declined. This was due to the increasingly competitive event calendar and a couple of unfortunate cancellation years in extreme weather. Alongside the decline in entries, increasing costs and health and safety concerns have made the event financially unsustainable. In 2014 a new course that was safer, cheaper to organise and more accessible to more people did not boost entries.

Likewise, plans to re-launch the event as a skyline-type race, starting and finishing at Arthur's Pass and traversing Mt Bealey and Mt Lyell, then descending from the Avalanche Peak summit, proved equally unsustainable.

In short, the costs, health and safety requirements and availability of suitably skilled volunteers has bought an end to an era. I’m extremely disappointed that I could not find a way to continue what was the first event I ever organised.

We hope runners understand our position and urge you to continue supporting mountain running events. The sister event to Avalanche Peak Challenge, “Bell Hill Challenge” in Sheffield in November, remains popular and we look forward to seeing you on the start line.

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Goat Pass
Guided Runs

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Goat Pass Guided Runs offers Coast to Coasters a chance to experience the famous Goat Pass in a safe and social group environment prior to race day.

Having run the grueling Goat Pass since 1983, Chris Cox has covered the 34k course more than 100 times. Having organised C2C recce's since 1996, and as a life-long tramper, climber, runner and industrial safety consultant by profession, Chris is the sport's most experienced and qualified Goat Pass guide.

Clients receive instruction on route choice, river crossings, boulder hopping, downhill running, training, and up-to-date route notes. Experienced assistants ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

From competing in 1983's inaugural C2C, to winning team titles and holding the run record for four years, to being the oldest to break the magic 3-hour barrier, no one has more experience on the C2C run than Chris.

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Bell Hill

4th November 2017

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The Shoe Clinic Bell Hill Challenge is an exciting off-road adventure run in the Canterbury high country.

Situated at Baldoon Farm in the Selwyn Plantation Block, approx 60k west of Christchurch, this unique 18k run or 12k walk is a scenic tour of the regions most historic but hidden landmarks.

Bell Hill, found just a few kilometres from Sheffield, was a major landmark used by early settlers as they travelled inland from Christchurch into the foothills and mountains behind Christchurch.

This course is wonderfully remote and otherwise closed to the public. It's a great chance for runners and walkers of all ability to experience one of Canterbury's hidden gems...

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