Guided Run Dates

Dates for C2C 2018

01 December 2018

09 December 2018

05 January 2019

12 January 2019

26 January 2019 

NB: Other dates may be organised as demand requires.

Run Fee

$350.00 per Person (inc GST)

Your Fee Includes

Detailed Route Notes.

Shuttle Transport between start and finish.

Travel assistance to/from Christchurch.

Advice & Assistance with training.

Other Training Runs

For friends training together.

For expert "one-on-one" guided runs.

"Power Walk" trips.

Dates available as required.
Fees confirmed on enquiry.

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Route Update

The spring storms of 2018 have impacted the Coast to Coast mountain run quite markedly. We took our first guided run across in November and the first half of the Deception and a lot of the Mingha have changed in regard to routes and the side of the river you use.

We highly recommend booking a guided run to help you on your way to the Coast to Coast, and Goat Pass Guides are the most experienced providers.

What Your Fee Provides:

> Technical Expertise: Our guides are experienced outdoor enthusiasts and Coast to Coast participants themselves. They have run Goat Pass several times a year for the past 20 years.

> Personal Attention: We take one-on-one guided runs and group runs, where we guarantee a ratio of at least 1 guide to every 5 runners. No one else can offer such a personalised trip.

> Coast to Coast Experience: Our guides have extensive experience at the elite level at Coast-to-Coast. As well as the guided runs, they offer expert training and mountain advice.

> Our Runs Are Not Rushed: You want to know everything you can about this run, so we spend the time to help you acheive exactly that.

> Safety & Logistical Support: Our guided runs are operated under a D.O.C approval and an audited health & safety plan. Our Guides make your day out safe, convenient and add value to your experience.

Check out our C2C guided run schedules at .

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