About Goat Pass Guides

Founder - Chris Cox

Goat Pass Guides was established by Chris Cox in 1996. Having run the grueling Goat Pass since 1983, Chris has covered the 30k course more than 100 times. As a life-long tramper, climber, runner, race organiser and industrial safety consultant, Chris is the sport's most experienced and qualified Goat Pass guide. From competing in 1983's inaugural C2C, to winning team titles and holding the run record for four years, to being the oldest to break the magic 3-hour barrier, no one has more experience on the C2C run than Chris. 


Inaugural Coast to Coast Participant - 1983
Coast to Coast Run Record - 1990
Eldest Sub-3hr Runner - 2000
1st Coast to Coast Open Teams
1st Coast to Coast Veteran Teams
1st NZ Road Relay Veteran Team - 1995
3rd Christchurch Marathon - 1993
Organiser Christchurch Marathon - since 1996
Organiser Avalanche Peak Challenge - 1995 to 2014
Organiser Bell Hill Challenge - since 2006
Tramper & Climber - since 1970
Industrial Heights Trainer - since 1990
First Goat Pass Guide - 1996

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Training & Coaching

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Rules for Rookies

Be Prepared

New to multisport? Looking to improve on last year's result? Or maybe looking to get yourself on the podium?

These articles are by Michael Jacques. Michael has been involved in endurance sports for 30+ years, including coaching multisporters, triathletes, cyclists and runners of all age and ability.

He's been either racing, supporting, reporting, coaching or working at Coast to Coast since 1984.

For coaching toward any endurance goals, Email Michael Here.

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Meet Our Goat Pass Guides

Sia Svendsen

I started with Goat Pass Guides back in 2013. I've participated at Coast to Coast several times and been in the outdoor industry all my working life. I've lost count of how many times i've run across Goat Pass. But I have run it pretty much every year since 2003, usually several times per year. As a guide these days I love being part of other people's Coast to Coast journey.

1st Coast to Coast Women's Teams - 2007, 2010
1st Coast to Coast Tandem Teams - 2017
1st Red Bull Defiance Elite Women - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
1st Crater Rim 52km Ultra Run - 2018
1st Mt Somers 42km Mtn Run - 2018
1st Spring Challenge Adv Race - 2008, 2009, 2018
1st Godzone Adv Race - 2016 

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Martin Lukes

I've been a runner and outdoor enthusiast for more than 30 years, from formative teenage years with the Hutt Valley Tramping Club through to marathons, 100 Mile ultras, Adventure Races, and of course a few stints at Coast to Coast. I started with Goat Pass Guides in 2016 and enjoy seeing people get the same enjoyment out of the outdoor as I do.


First unsupported traverse of South Island - 1994
Extensive Alpine Climbing and Trekking in NZ
3-time winner Kepler Challenge
5-time NZ rep at 100k World Champs
5-time winner Buller Marathon
1st inaugural Naseby 100miler
1st inaugural Northburn 100miler
5th Southern Traverse
6th Eco Challenge.

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